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The cool crisp mountain air blew gently as Stephen Kaplan prepared to depict Eagle Falls. G. Irving Brooks heard the gentle lap of water as the canoes rocked in their lakeside dock berth. Phillis Little trekked to a quiet mountain lake for a spectacular view.

Certainly these artists enjoyed taking teh pictures. Photographing a beautiful scenic is an act we all can enjoy. But beyond this initial act is a

secondary, latent experience – seeing, feeling, rekindling the original sensations while working with the photograph in the darkroom. Bringing a negative or slide to life is a technical process, but it can also be a fond remembrance. The darkroom can stir dormant emotions as we again work with the image to make a final presentation.

The Pictorial Print Division extends to you the opportunity to share this experience – to double your photographic fun, adventures or highlights and to increase your creativity through the medium of the darkroom. There are several print portfolio groups that can help accomplish this end. Surely one of them is suited to you and your photographic pursuits. Each print portfolio has various skill levels. One of the portfolios will match your skill and may provide the means to become a highly skilled darkroom worker if you so desire and work towards that end.

The Portrait Portfolio provides nine different groups, including animal and people portrait categories. The Canadian Portfolio and the American Portfolios consist of general-category prints – you choose the subject. Information on any of the portfolios can be obtained by contacting the directors listed bi-monthly in the Services section.

The American Portfolios also has an award system for those photography judging tips prints selected as best from each portfolio round called the Green Eagle Awards. The winning American Portfolio 1988 Green Eagle prints are shown accompanying this article. They were made by people with varying levels of printing skills.

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Although the American Portfolios is a Pictorial Print Division activity, other divisions have their portfolio/slide circuits, too. Any of these divisional group activities become best when people at all skill levels participate. Having a bunch of stars doesn’t exclude you from joining, nor does having made no accepted prints or slides. PSA becomes stronger with everyone’s participation in its various events and activities. Members learn from the comments of others.

If photography tips equine you have ideas concerning a print portfolio or a slide circuit which is not currently available, make a suggestion to the appropriate director or chairman. PSA is an international organization. Each international country represented in PSA should have adequate numbers to support circuits or other activities. Contact the appropriate director or chairman and express your willingness to help organize an activity. These directors and chairmen want to work for you. They need the challenge of change. So why not give them this challenge?

Now join me in looking at the Green Eagle winning prints for 1988.

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